Lafayette College – McCartney Street

Easton, PA

Radnor recently completed a second public private partnership with Lafayette College to support their strategic goal of increased enrollment for 400 additional students. The 67,000 building is comprised of 165 beds as well as ground floor community-oriented retail. The project opened for the fall 2020 semester.

The $23 million project offers suite and semi-suite style units for sophomores, juniors and seniors. It features three- and four-bedroom suites with kitchenettes and two-bedroom semi-suites, all with in-unit private or semi-private bathrooms. Located on the top 3 floors of the buildings, the residences include dedicated study and collaboration spaces while the ground floor features the College’s Bookstore & Cafe and Trolley Car Diner.

Radnor and Harrison Street Real Estate Capital have entered into long term Ground Lease and Cooperation Agreement with Lafayette, and Capstone On-Campus Management oversees property operations and management.